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We condemn the deadly explosion that hits Shia mosque in Afghanistan’s Kunduz and Kandahar recently .

At least 47 people have been killed and 70 others wounded after an explosion went off inside a Shia mosque in Afghanistan’s southern city of Kandahar, according to a Taliban official.

This is an henious act of violence that killed Muslims in mosques which reflects how challenging it is to keep the public security of Afghanistan.

ISIS-K claims responsibility for attack in Kandahar that killed at least 47 people inside a mosque during Friday prayers.

Afghanistan is exposed to forces that intend to destabilize the nation which has experienced more than 4 decades of devastative wars by imperialist powers.

As a matter of fact the strategic geo-political position of Afghanistan between the West and East has positioned it to be an important nation to focus on by world powers.

The ISIS-K is playing into the hands of the western powers to ensure would be a free and liberated nation.

The Bibi Fatima mosque, the largest mosque for Shia worshippers in the city that was targetted , seems to send a message that sectarian clashes will be one the main challenge of Taliban ruled Afghanistan.

Pitching sectarian conflict is the most convenient way of destablizing Afghanistan to meet the agenda of the western powers.

Zionist and the covert planning to halt any development of Afghanistan into a strong nation is a logical strategy to dismantle a government which is just about to function from scratch..

Afghanistan is now one of the targets of the terrorist operation which according to western powers could be used against the Taliban.

The Taliban’s security is fragile. Engagement with Taliban is the only hope for the people of Afghanistan to move forward to rebuild the nation.

The Muslim community should not be silent observers to the predicaments of the people of Afghanistan.

While the US has withdrawn from Afghanistan in total humiliation of defeat , the world cannot trust on the US’s record of continuing its colonial agenda on a weak nation which it destroyed.

Afganistan needs world Muslim nations to come together to assist it to repel any onslaught of forces both through covert or overt strategies to recontrol Afghanistan.

The world Muslim community must realise that the anti Islamic forces either from external or from within will not rest to ensure a Muslim nation will not be strong enough to resist the western powers.

Using forces like Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISIS-K) to destroy a country is convenient.

Atracking a mosque during a congregation prayers is easy target to strike fear as it will send a strong message that ISIS-K will not stop at anything to weaken the Taliban.

The security of Afghanistan will not hold until and unless the source of the tension is dealth with.

The message is clear. Afghanistan cannot be allowed to be rebuild and rise on its feet. All of Afghanistan is now under threat.

Taliban will now have to be given the space to govern. This can only be done if security is ensured.

The Taliban will need to prove as the protecter of the Shia minority now living under its rule.

Mphd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

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