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We are perplexed by UN official’s report on the human rights situation in occupied Palestinian territories ‘disastrous’, and yet the concern is a mere rhetorics.

The report was presented by Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, who addresses the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

The report is not entirely a new disclosure as the situation is a well known fact. The prospects for peace and sustainable development should not be about Israel, but the focus should be to render the Palestinians their human rights and rights to reclaim their land as sovereign state.

The fact that human rights are violated and abused by israel , the UN is incapable to enforce the resolutuons passed in the UN itself.

While at the same time israel is continuing to suffocate Palestinians by completing the construction of the Gaza wall.

What is the disastrous situation that the UN does not know for the 7 decades of occupation by israel ?

The UN acknowledges that only an end to the occupation can bring about lasting peace and establish the conditions in which the human rights of all can be fully respected.

However the reality is on the contrary. The israel occupation is completing its ultimate aim of taking away all Palestinian remaining lands and imposing unliveble conditions in the Palestinian enclaves.

The situation in Gaza is worsening and this is confirmed by Bachelet.

It has been already a 15-year land, sea and air blockade implemented by Israel, and yet UN has not enforced the international law to end the illegal siege.

We cannot understand why the world community is incapacitated to act to stop israel’s clear violation of international law in the occupied territory of Palestine.

The ongoing annexation and illegal settlement projects in the West Bank are on the rise by the day and yet nothing is done by the UN.

News after news of israel’s attacking and killings of Palestinians , demolishing of homes , annexation of lands , abusing laws against Palestinian communities in Syekh Jarrah and Silwan , and intrusion in the Al Aqsa and Ibrahimi mosques are glaring incidences , and yet UN is onlooking over the atrocities without any action.

We regret the UN is submitting to the manipulation of the western powers by israel and allowing israel to prolong its occupation.

We call the UN to act immediately to stop the barbarism of israel and to enforce all the related resolutions on the Palestine issue.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM
Cordinator Asean People’s Coalition for Palestine.

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