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Indian Monks Call To Kill Muslims At Summit – Muslim Leaders and OIC Need To Act

Muslims around the world need to rise up against the open statements of monks and group leaders with close ties to the Narendra Modi government calling for ethnic cleansing to be launched in India, especially against Muslims in India.

This is a very dangerous declaration and will invite a bloody communal clash between Hindus and Muslims

Campaigns and hate speech against Muslims and other minorities, are now on the rise in India, unfortunately there has been no action from the Indian authorities.

Speeches and slogans of hate towards Muslims not only violate the constitution and laws of India, but will dangerously spark tensions among the people of India.

The call to kill and attack the minority’s places of worship was chanted by several speakers at a summit that lasted for three days from 17 to 19 December 2021 in the town of Haridwar organized by Yati Narsinghanand, a controversial Hindutva figure.

The fiery speeches of Hindu leaders at the rally dubbed Dharma Sansad in the city of Haridwar at the time clearly wanted to commit the crime of genocide.

It seems that the Indian government under the BJP is providing space for Hindus with Hindutva ideology (Hindu supremacy) to commit any criminal act against Muslims and minorities without any punishment in the name of eliminating the alleged terrorists among the Muslim community.

We take these developments in India seriously. The BJP government is close to the RSS group which is a group that uses the sentiments of Hindu supremacy to launch an attack on Muslims in India.

“…… The war against Muslims can be won by those who have better weapons,” said Yati Nasinghanand in front of a cheering audience.

Another speaker, Sadhvi Annapurna, the Hindu Secretary-General of the Mahasabha openly called for the massacre of Muslims to be launched.

“Nothing is impossible without weapons. If you want to wipe out their population then kill them. Get ready to kill and get ready to go to jail. If 100 of us are willing to kill 20 lakh (hundred thousand) of them we will succeed, and go to jail, ”said Sadhvi Annapurna.

We strongly condemn the evil attitude and policies of the RSS group under the auspices of the BJP government who want to wipe out by killing all Muslims in the country.

Clearly, the proclamation by other speakers at the event to launch a massacre of Muslims, should not be taken lightly.

The participation of the ruling BJP leaders of India who were present at the event was generally seen as a sign of encouragement and recognition of the Indian government towards the event in Haridwar.

That is why after more than a week of the recorded Hindu nationalist leader declaring to kill Muslims, the police did not take action against those who spoke at the rally.

They want to emulate the expulsion of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar by the military regime and call for the same policy to be adopted in India to enable efforts for ethnic cleansing of Muslims in India.

Even prejudice and hostility to Muslims has been manifested since the events of attacking and demolishing the Babri Mosque in Ayudhya in 1992 attacks in Gujurat 2002, in Assam 2021, citing the Discriminatory Act against Muslims 2019, widespread incidents of attacks on Muslims for no reason ( mob lynching ) , accusing Muslims of “love jihad” and “corona jihad” as excuses to attack Muslims.

We urge all Muslim countries in the OIC not to remain silent and must act to pressure the Indian BJP government to stop India’s violent policies against Muslims and other minorities.

We remind that Muslims will not remain silent if the slogan of killing Muslims in India is launched.

We call on those who respect minority rights, justice and harmony to rise up to condemn and campaign to boycott India against the racist agenda of the current BJP government.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President of MAPIM

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